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When I take a photograph I am reminded that I am a small part of an enormous world.  I am forced to look outward and to calm the relentless introspection that is such a prevalent part of my everyday life.  

A photograph for me begins when I have an emotional connection with something that I see.  It might be an incredible vista or a lonely piece of driftwood on a beach.  Sometimes it is optimistic, positive, and gregarious.  Sometimes it is lonely, dark and brooding.  Always it is a self-portrait.  

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of excitement.  I always work alone, often early in the morning.  When people see my work, I'd like them to feel an emotion as powerful as the feeling that prompted me to stop and capture the moment.

My work is a collection of images captured during my many journeys to some of the most incredible places on our planet.  Strong and powerful architecture in New York City, Hong Kong, Rio De Janeiro and Sydney.  Breathtaking natural phenomenon in Death Valley, the Atacama Desert, the Great Barrier Reef and Antelope Canyon, endless roads in Utah, lonely motel signs the Mojave Desert, ancient ruins in Cambodia, enigmatic places of worship in Peru, inspiring sunsets in Vietnam, rugged Outback in Australia and spiritually uplifting cities in India.

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