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Jacques Charbonneau is recognized as a pioneer in the technological arts sector  of Quebec. He describes his artistic process as a critical reflection of our consumer society and integrates thoses images in his artistic practice.  Throughout his career, Charbonneau’s own artistic approach, allowed him to explore structural changes that occur and colors that unfold when altering, rebuilding, cutting, tearing, layering images take place to reinvent new original works he calls "Matrix". He finally updates them in original digital prints. He exhibited across Quebec, Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. He has been exhibiting  at Images du Futur in Montreal, Festival of Electronic Arts in Rennes (France) in 1988, ISEA (International Symposium Electronik Arts) in Groningen Holland in 1990, the Canon Center in Paris in 1995, FusionArt Museum in New York.  His achievements and technological research in arts contributed to the development of a large number of today’!
s reknow  artists. 
His Artworks demonstrate outstanding and innovative use of new technologies in media arts  and are present in many public and private collections in Canada and in international countries.

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