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Depicting the energy flow through and between, Humanity, Nature & Spirit.
The paintings often large scale are created using acrylic, oil, objects from nature, mixed media; adopting texture and movement with swirls of colour to express the interconnection of these ever present forces. The work adopting circles as a universal symbol through time, circles to depict energy, science, unity and the wonder of the unknown.
Several painting masters have influenced my work. My work is influenced by DaVinci’s interest in energy, science and the unknown; by VanGogh’s use of colour and passion. Further there is a kinship to Emily Carr, her connection to First Nation people and nature. Lastly Julian Schnabel has been inspiring with his use of texture, experimentation and mixed media.
These artists influences mix with my own style,to produce a unique creative expression.
My work is my meditation, experimenting with energy forces I connect to, to direct it, finding its’ image through various materials, brushstrokes, colour, and leave room for exploration. Gently, I follow and lead, the energy interplay around me, giving it visual expression as it flows onto the canvas.


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