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For me life and work are intertwined especially since my studio is in my house so work and home are in the same place.  I'm very experimental, and very eclectic, in my practice.  I'm influenced by everything, especially by what's happening in work rather than painting; installation, fashion, performance, film, all these mediums inform my work. 
In my current body of work I'm exploring paint as a physical material with three dimensional properties.  I love paint.  I think it's inherently beautiful.  I'm very interested in the specificity of paint's corporeal consistency, and the textural potential of it.  Currently I'm experimenting with pouring paint, and manipulating it on the canvas using an arsenal of implements, mostly of my own invention.
I'm interested in creating works that carry a strong imprint of the process of their creation, and through that imprint to enable the viewer to envision the process and engage more fully with the work. But I'm also reaching beyond the process of applying the paint, to try to create works that are not only intensely physical, but that have an equally intense opticality to them.  In my current series of "Circle Paintings", the seemingly endless layers of paint create abstract works that have a complex opticality to them, that sometimes even disrupts visual perception.

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