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As a self-taught artist, her passion for art and love of painting began at childhood and through years was shaped by her colorful cultural experiences, inspired by nature and influenced by life, Mina works in various media including, acrylic, oil, pastel and metallic.
She started as realist painter but over time she was drawn more toward abstraction. As She explains:

“I like the adventure of it—its spaciousness and its sense of surprise.  In abstract painting, ideas and emotions are suggested through movement and colour.  There are hints of an underlying reality, though the painting is not tied to it.  I believe abstraction actually emerges from realism. It contains elements of realism—recognizable colours, textures, shape—and offers a new, different way of seeing them. Abstract painting is, in part, a discovery of the music underneath all the noise. Sometimes, this underlying music is bright, and sometimes darker, and it may have many notes or just a few.”

Rich in colours and textures, she continues creating art with passion.


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