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Susan LAPP

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I have been surrounded by the arts since my birth. My parents were both wonderful violinists and artists. Art was always a part of me, but was somewhat destroyed by a professor in first year university. I received a Bachelor of Fine arts specializing in music performance in 1979. I am a professional flautist, teacher, studio musician and composer. Not until a music colleague asked me to come and paint in her studio (under much coaxing did I go) 14 years ago, did I realize I am as passionate about art as I have been for my music. That day, I picked up a palette knife and I have never put it down. To me, the desire for exploration via paint was a new outlet for my creativity. 
Nature was the core from the first stroke. Yet, I also needed to find complexity within art, like music. Looking for something new, I cut up my third painting, just to see what could happen and have never stopped. My mixed media pieces are modern, vibrant explorations of colour, form, texture, imagery, balance and imagination.

Simply put, my art is my inner self, exploding outwards, the day to day things, the joys of life and its’ great events, the sadness that comes and goes, always intertwined with the beauty of nature, the one place I go for peace and balance. If one knew how to look at my art, they could see my every thought, feel my every feeling, hear my every word. But that is mine alone to experience. My art is for you to experience in your own way, your own thoughts, your own feelings, your own words. I want to connect you to yourself again, for even a moment, before the day catches up with you again and feel a beautiful connection to within.

Susan’s works have been shown throughout Canada as well as California and Pennsylvania and hang in both private and corporate collections. 
Her studio and gallery space is located in downtown Guelph, ON. 

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