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Wei LU

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I was born on 1962. I was 8 years old when I started following and painting with a professional artist in ShangHai. At the age 24, I entered Shanghai Theater Academy University, and studied oil painting of the Renaissance era and Classical era. Entering the school was very difficult  The school chose 1 Student out of 10000, there were only 11 students in my class, at the time this University Surpassed every other Art University in China, I graduated in 1988, a professional artist only made $10 US a day
so i started to sell clothing then became a fashion designer, in the end I started my own clothing business and made some money. 1998 I immigrated to Canada, and from then on I still designed for my business in China until 2013. Canada had become my home and in September 2013 I painted my first painting in Canada. I got many compliments from professional artists in a group I know, they said  “if you choose to keep painting you will become North America's top tier artists” From then on I have picked up my oil brush and start painting again  because it is my passion and childhood dream

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