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Lindsey MACKAY

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Like moths to a flame, people are attracted to the textured and glass-like finish of my paintings. Touch is encouraged to assimilate the full sensory experience and emotion of my work. My work celebrates texture, structure, and colour. I am fascinated by the patterns of man and nature.

My art touches emotions and evokes arousal, curiosity, and happiness. I put these feelings into every painting as I escape into my work momentarily forgetting the daily existence of time and space.

The texture of my work leads to the subject on the canvas. I never know what I will create but keep my art immediate and relevant for my audience to ponder and appreciate.  The use of unexpected colours gives my work dimension and vibrancy. Their depth comes from not only the images themselves, but also my application of the materials.

The formation of a complex cityscape intrigues me as much as the effortless balance of a flower. With unique depictions of subjects such as crows in a golden tree, my art encourages lively conversation about the subject, admiration for the piece itself, and even respect for the intelligent creature depicted. My paintings are as much about their visual style as they are about their tactile experience.

My technique sparks discussion wherever my work is exhibited. I cannot teach it or explain how I create because everyone’s individual style is pleasing and beautiful to them. These kinds of reactions feed my desire to create. Having said that, I am eager to explore unique colour combinations to create an alluring contrast to showcase the realistic and stylized imagery I enjoy.

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