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Painting, quite simply, is my meditation. Everything that I choose to paint is drawn from personal experience, from places that I have been and things that I have seen. I record my impressions with a camera and later decide which images I want to develop into paintings. Using photographs as an aide to focus my attention on a subject I gradually produce a painting distilled from photographic information but ultimately portraying my feelings and impressions about the experience. Over the course of the weeks and sometimes months that I work on a painting I believe that  my subconscious mind  imprints its nature on the piece and that imparts  an ineffable , engaging quality that people respond to.
Although I have painted a wide variety of subjects, landscapes and seascapes are the predominant ones. I love to watch the play of light over a vast area of land or water, the timeless quality of a landscape devoid of signs of civilization, the endless possibilities of skies, moods evoked by atmospheric conditions; I want to paint the silence of clouds, the smell of a cedar grove in winter. I want to explore the art of ‘being’ in the world.


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