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Lori Mirabelli is a lyrical abstract painter based in Newmarket, Ontario. She uses a personal language of form, colour and line to explore how identity develops in humans and to call attention to the importance of early childhood foundations. Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Lori Mirabelli studied psychology and visual art at the University of Laurentian. She has exhibited in a number of exhibitions locally. Her paintings are can be found in many private collections nationally and internationally.

Artist Lori Mirabelli paints intuitively, allowing her interest in family psychology to guide her. For Lori Mirabelli, abstract forms allow her to represent complicated relationships between individuals and social environments. Beginning with a solid foundation of fluid lines and lyrical forms, complex levels of paint are built up layer by layer. Faint lines and shadows offer visual traces of past compositions. Zones of colour create subtle tensions, pulling the viewer’s eye into an imaginary space. As soft, harmonious colours push to the surface of the painted image, earlier, and sometimes darker, configurations are concealed. New insights are revealed with each decision to expose or to cover up. The final image is the accumulation of these choices - what lies beneath the surface remains hidden. 


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