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Nevan RYAN

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The subjects and styles of my paintings have transformed considerably over the past several years. This can be attributed to practice - painting five to six hours or more every day.  Coupled with the work is a growing personal attitude to never be defined by a single idea or style until I deem it to be credible. The true consistency that I find in my work is my use of colour. I am a student of colour and always will be. I believe that certain moods, feelings, or emotions can be dictated by one hue or a combination of them. My goal is for these feelings of playfulness and delight to be shared with and internalized by any viewerMy work is no doubt a product of my ever expanding life experiences and the combination of the elements that I love with those that challenge my worldview. At twenty-three my art and my life are works in progress. I live and work in Toronto, Ontario. I am a graduate of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, where I received an honours degree in studio based Fine Art in 2012.


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