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The work is all about time and place - where little is set up, everything is captured within the camera and developed without any trickery of photoshop or the like. Looking towards removing the context of the subject is deliberate and purposeful - where chaos or calm could be around, though it is left to you to imagine what it is or could be.

At the heart is colour, light, shape and symmetry in its rawest forms by blurring the lines between the artificial and real. Amidst natural forms that are saturated with subtle transitions - to surreal distortions of inanimate objects and indoor/outdoor scenes, the vision is to create a dialog for the viewer that contemplates their own experiences and relationship with the world.

Whether a commission, gallery exhibition, commercial or private installations - the artist uses the most advanced imaging techniques, photopapers, fabrics and framing methods that drawn upon his engineering background and work with leading designers, architects and fabricators.

Each limited reproduction explodes with vibrancy and
detail that is hypnotic, seductive and refreshing.


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