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Sara Perosa is an emerging artist residing in Kingston, Ontario. She creates experimental art in sculpture, painting, and print regarding current interactions between technology, media, and relations. Her artwork often derives the human body to criticize the influence modern society has on humanities lifestyle and beliefs. 

She is interested in the influence technology, media, and relations have on the way humanity lives and thinks. By using the body as a key element, she explains the ideas and beliefs that are affected by the technology we have access to; the way our society presents imagery and information through media; and how these two elements have changed our relationships with others and with ourselves. 

Sara has exhibited across Ontario and is the recipient of the 2013 Margaret Craig Scholarship in Fine Art. She is enrolled at Queen’s University as a 2014 candidate for a BFA Honours in Visual Art and is currently teaching lessons in Painting to Queen’s University Students. Sara aspires to pursue her artistic career by becoming a professional artist and Fine Art Professor.

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