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Hailing from Saint-Aimé, Québec, Nancy St-Onge is an award-winning artist whose composed yet definite rebellion against the routine conformity of her contemporaries sets her apart from “the rest”. Altogether complex and awe-inspiring as they are uncomplicated and intelligible, St-Onge’s paintings freely combine textures and patterns created by unorthodox materials (in one case; an actual fish skeleton), all adorned in progressive color schemes and playful shaded tones, resulting in canvases which find their way into the heart of their observer.

“I am unreservedly driven towards abstract art as I incorporate a variety of materials; minerals, plants, glass, and other “unconventional” elements into my paintings, thus creating intricately multifaceted textures. The structural connection between these textural elements ensures a unique recipe which I have honed throughout the passing years. Over time, this amalgamation of elements and atypical color progression which inhabit my canvases has become my personal trademark, reflecting an interior dynamism which I endeavor to incorporate into all of my works; a dynamism which would otherwise never been seen by a world beyond that which resides within me.” ~Nancy St-Onge

This is the first time that Nancy St-Onge brings her work to Toronto, before exposing in New York this coming spring.


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