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Andrea TRACE

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Andrea began her fine arts training in 1979 just as the Vancouver School of Art was becoming Emily Carr College of Art. She continued her studies at Capilano College in North Vancouver. Andrea has worked in the graphic arts industry for 20 years, transitioning from design markers on a drafting board to Photoshop on a laptop computer. Recently, Andrea has begun painting again and is a member of Dufferin County’s Kame & Kettle artists’ group. Andrea is also active with Headwaters Arts, operating out of the historic Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Artist’s Statement:
“Humans are language-makers, believing that words on paper give them control. I work in the place where language fails to protect or empower us, taking on simplified and unrecognizable forms. Using acrylic and collage, I explore the construction and deployment of meaning, and the shaping of our beliefs. I am interested in illustrating how we attempt to master our environment via language, laying human-scale boundaries over cosmic-scale concepts and realities. My current works enlarge on these experiments by increasing the physicality of the paper and its contents.”


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