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Melissa TSENG

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Melissa Tseng’s “Perception” series of encaustic paintings are built up of many intricate layers of natural beeswax and coloured pigment. Each layer is carefully painted, etched and fused. Many of her works contain in excess of 30 translucent layers, allowing a rich history to build, mature and emerge.

“Social perceptions have many layers and are the driving force behind my latest series of paintings. With my recent departure from practicing law, to pursuing my passion for painting full time I’ve engaged in many discussions regarding my career switch with various people. While many of my acquaintances were surprised by my decision to quit law, my closest friends immediately understood.” ~ Melissa Tseng

When admired from afar, Melissa’s paintings may be perceived as simple and tranquil, but when closely examined, it reveals a complex and oft more turbulent history through it’s transparent layers. 

Melissa is best known for her large-scale works. Her luminous, ethereal and textured encaustic compositions have been critically acclaimed and collected across Canada, the United States and South Africa. 

Melissa currently lives in Toronto with her husband and two young children.

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